Sheago Cosmetics

Wendy Williams

"My entire family has severe eczema. These products have helped tremendously. If someone is looking for the real story on shea butter, this company gets real. I love it!"

New York Times

Internationally influential Style Section of The New York Times describes Sheago Cosmetics as "a real stand out" for shea butter products.

Betty Confidential

Sheago Body Oils smell great after a shower and feel even better.

Roscoe Orman

This children's line is wonderful. I buy it for all of my grandchildren and recommend it highly.

Mildred Gaddis

I love Mango! I mean you smell sooooo good without perfume and all of the undesirables. This is an excellent product.

Fanchon Stinger

It makes my skin feel like silk. It's soft and sexy and all natural. Sheago gets two thumbs up!

Michael & Marcia Dyson

What this company stands for is what we should all be supporting. There level of integrity is at the top of the cosmetics industry. We recommend them highly.

Mason Radio

Men! A young lady in Detroit just released a product in honor of us. How could you not be behind that?! What a wonderful initiative to balance out all the negative energy. I don't know about ya'll, but Sheago Cosmetics has my vote!

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